How can I save the shows from my PVR to my computer?
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I have a Logik lpvr168 freeview PVR. I'd like to save some of the content I've recorded to my computer. How can I accomplish this?

I've taken the case off, and added the HDD to my computer. However, it causes Windows XP to crash during startup. I've tried running Knoppix, and while it will mount the drive, it only shows 280mb of the 160gb drive, with none of the content visible. I figure there's another partition I need to mount but I only know very basic Linux commands, and I've no idea how to find out what the partition is called.

I've looked at the back of the device, and it has 1x "optical out" jack, 1x RS232 jack, 2x SCART sockets, 1x CVBS socket (yellow), 2x Antenna In, 2x Antenna Out and 2 red/white audio jacks. It doesn't have a USB socket. I figure I can use at least one of these to output the data.

I'm fairly handy, and am prepared to take the case apart and try again. I'm also prepared to buy necessary cables and other interface devices to get it to transfer the data.

By what method(s) can I transfer the information?
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