Full English breakfast, hold the spam.
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Where can I get a full English breakfast in San Francisco?

To clarify, I'm not looking for an American breakfast that just comes with a side of beans -- I can make that at home. I'm looking for the full breakfast, with fried bread, tomato, the works. Thanks!
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The English pub chain Elephant and Castle I think serves it but for some reason their page won't load. I can't recommend them though as I've never been.
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I've had a few all-day Irish breakfasts at Fiddlers Green. The fried bread doesn't come as standard on the menu, but I'm sure you could get some if you asked.
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It'll be easier to find a full Irish at any of the six million Irish theme pubs in the city. A cursory google search brough up a lot of links and reviews at Yelp and other food-type websites.

So go Irish. The only major difference is the addition of white pudding - which is more delicious than black pudding anyway.

Or, as complience says, make it yourself. It's not hard. A British food importer will have the the black pudding and you can get the beans at your local World Market (or if you have Brits in your neighborhood, the local supermarket). The rest is just regular food.

Well, except for the bacon. But we won't get into that here.
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The Irish Bank had a full Irish breakfast on the menu when I was there in July. I didn't have it, but the food there was pretty good.
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Au contraire mon frere, you can indeed get British style bacon and bangers in the US.
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Pig & Whistle? I've met the owner and he's definitely English though the breakfast menu lists Irish Bacon, whatever that is. Otherwise, it sounds right.
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Mad Dog In The Fog or Kezar Pub.
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One problem with many of these places is that Irish Breakfast does not typically include fried slice. Definitely ask first :)
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Do you need a place in the city proper, or anywhere in the Bay Area? If the later, this place might have it.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I ended up having a truly excellent English breakfast at Sullivan's, an English pub/restaurant out in the woods in La Honda. No fried slice, but the rest was superb, real British meats and a delicious fried tomato.

Apparently, they had taken it off of the menu because nobody would order it. It was still mentioned on the front of their menu, though, they seemed to be amused that I brought it up, and gladly obliged.
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