What's a good bank or credit union in Las Vegas?
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Henderson, NV / Las Vegas Filter: What bank or credit union would work best for us?

You've all been really helpful with my other Vegas-related questions, so hopefully this time will be no different! My fiance and I are in search of a good bank or credit union to use in Las Vegas, now that we've moved here. Here are some of the things we're looking for in a bank/credit unions:

- Low/few fees.

- Good online banking that will hook up with Mint. We're geeks.

- Fairly good savings account rates. It'd be nice if it was with the same bank/credit union as our checking, but I suppose it's not absolutely necessary.

- Something that links up pretty well internationally. We've moved from Melbourne, Australia, and we both intend to travel back there, as well as elsewhere in the world, and it would be nice if we could just stick with the one bank/credit union without trouble. I know that'd likely be Bank of America, but we've not heard great things about it, so if someone knows something better, we'd like to know about it.

Any other recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated, too, of course. Thanks!
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Would it help if I said our Australian bank was Commonwealth Bank, which we love. We're looking for the closest American equivalent. We realize the interest rates won't be as good, sadly, but we're hoping for a similar system.
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Hi, did you find an answer for this, or are you still looking? I might be able to help, but want to know if you need info before I do the legwork.
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