Program to walk users through logical steps
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I need the hive's help badly on this. I'm trying to find a program to walk a user through logical steps based on their answers to questions along the way.

I guess the best way to describe it is: I need a program that will let me write a question for a user to answer and show two answer choices (with nothing on the screen but the question and answers). When the user clicks on an answer they are sent to the screen set up for that answer. Then that screen has another question with two answers. When the user clicks an answer they are sent to the next appropriate screen, and so on until their path ends.

Basically I think I'm trying to find a flowchart that the user steps through, where each screen is a question, and the user is sent to the next question depending on their answer to the previous one.

I don't want to use a regular flowchart because people tend to want to move/read/jump ahead without fully completing the step they're on. Of course I'd like a free one. Thanks all.
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Best answer: Why not use regular HTML? Make it a website. Then your free program is any web browser.
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Have you tried Caterina Fake, who helped create Flickr, launched the site a couple months ago.

You can contribute your own decision trees / flow charts to the knowledge base. The relevant page of the faq is here.
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What you're describing does indeed sound exactly like web pages, with the questions as plain text and the answers as links to other pages.
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Survey Monkey will do this. (Not sure about Form Spring.) The technical term for what you want is "branching logic."
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies.

I can see I should've said I need it to be able to run while users are not connected to the internet. The suggestions appear (to my untrained brain) to be online only. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Is there an html template anywhere I could use for this? HTML could be used offline, right?
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Best answer: Well, you can do it really basic, djb style, without a template :

Simply create a file (say, start.html) in a directory, containing something like..
Do you like ponies?<br>
<a href="q1.html">Yes</a>
<a href="q2.html">No</a>
Which will turn into
Do you like ponies?
And then q1.html and q2.html, in the same directory, in the same way, and so on, and so forth. Then you only have to put a shortcut on the desktop (or wherever), and you're done.
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Response by poster: Thanks Monday!

Just what I needed.
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I've used Powerpoint to do something similar, embedding links from one slide to another, so clicking one "yes" would go to slide 2 for example and clicking on "no" would go to slide 3. I'm sure there are lots of better tools out there, but if you're already familiar with Powerpoint, it might be a quick and easy solution for you.
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Harlequin actually gave the correct answer first.
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