Seattle company that provides temporary internet for events?
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Where can I find a Seattle company that provides temporary internet connections for conferences & events?

My Google-fu is failing me.

I'm part of a group organizing an unconference in Seattle in October. Our location is a public high school.... and it is looking like we might need to get internet access from a separate vendor (connectivity issues asides, public-school-mandated content filters might be a real issue if we use the school's connection).

Does anyone know of any companies in Seattle that provide temporary internet drops for conferences and events? We expect around 300 attendees.
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The Seattle CVB is awesome, they'd be a great resource for local info...they help groups plan meetings and events all the time. Also the BBB may have good local suggestions. Good luck!
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I'm not sure if this is overpriced or standard for conventions, but I've been to conferences recorded and networked by Confreaks and they do an excellent job of everything. Looks like it'd be about $2000 for wireless for ~300 attendees, though.
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