Cloud File Storage with Tagging
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What's a good cloud file storage service that has TAGGING?

It doesn't have to be free. I've looked through dozens of reviews, and I can't find one that offers file tagging. At least none of the ones that look like they'll still be around next year.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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It seems to me like the ability of the storage host to access and tag your files is completely antithetical to the goals of (private) storage/backup service. (in other words, security and privacy of the data you upload is probably a much more requested feature than tagging). Not to mention the technical difficulties/legal ramifications if a 3rd party tagged all your files incorrectly. (taggless files named things like "track1.mp3" would basically mean the host would have to manually listen to each and every track/file to even hope of tagging it correctly)

unless i'm understanding your question wrong?
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Response by poster: I don't want anyone else to see or tag my files. I want to be able to tag them myself, so I can find them. Basically I want Google Docs that can store any kind of file.
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Tag them before you upload them ?.. (but then I don't know of any storage service that will let you search your (remote) files by tag...)
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Here's an idea that might get you where you want to go. The only catch is that you have to be using OS X.

If you right-click or ctrl-click on a file in OS X and click Get Info, you'll find the Spotlight Comments at the top of the info panel. You'd put your tags in there. You could then store the files using Dropbox and (if I'm not mistaken) those comments are propagated to your other OS X computers. When you need to find a file, you would search for the tag in Spotlight.

Not a solution if you need to see the tags on a PC, unfortunately, and you can't tag more than one item at a time, and you can't see the tags on a file unless you right click-get info. But it does tag it for the Spotlight search, which may be all you need.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies, but I guess there's nothing out there like what I'm looking for. I find it kind of surprising--I thought every cloud dweller would want exactly this. Just like a tag my GMails, or GDocs, I'd like to put tags on files.
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Evernote Premium will allow you to upload any file type into it.
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