Will surgery provide immediate relief for my painful hemorrhoid?
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In need of immediate relief for hemorrhoids before I go insane. Will surgery end this quickly?

I've had them in the past, and it always sucks and is sore for a little while but lasts maybe a few days tops. This time is worse. By far. I am in agony here, it has been going on for over a week, shows no signs of stopping and has in fact been getting worse. Every time I move I'm getting sharp throbbing agony. Every cough, every time I shift positions, every step I take while walking, all cause sharp pain in my rear.

I've been taking fiber, I've been guzzling water, I've been using prep H, I've been sitting in baths of warm water with a little bit of baking soda, followed by gentle dabbing of witch hazel on a cotton ball. Nothing is helping and in the past few days it has gotten bigger and more painful. The fucking thing is the size of a small grape at this point. I've been trying to stay on an almost all liquid diet because trying to crap is a new definition of hell, so I've only taken one or two shits in the past 4 days.

I've heard there's a surgical option. While I know this won't prevent them from recurring in the future, at this point I don't care. I need this to end now. I am going out of my mind.

If I do opt for surgery, how long will it be before the pain stops? That's basically what I want. I want it to stop NOW.

Also: what is involved in the surgery? Do I need to get a specialist or will my regular doctor be able to do it? Is there any recovery needed from the surgery?
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Oh man that sounds grim. Think very carefully about the surgery because while it will indeed make the pain go away it can lead to complications further down the line. When I did some research on it most folks seem to have regretted having it done so I just suffered for a bit longer and stuck with 1% hydrocortisone cream.

This was the link that put me off getting it done.
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The good old NHS has a very detailed section on haemorrhoids. It should tell you everything you need to know. Treatment and surgery pages.
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I had a very painful hemorrhoid removed several years ago, and felt very happy with my choice. Once they have ballooned up, no cream is going to help, because there's a big blood clot in there that just isn't going to go away. My doc gave me a local, did what she needed to do, and it was all basically over in 15 mins once the anesthetic kicked in and she could start the actual work.

I haven't had a hemorrhoid get as bad as that one since, going on 10 years now.
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Roids can be removed as an outpatient procedure. You walk in, drop your pants, lie on the table, pose top leg lunged, holding the cheek out of the way while the doctor gives you a topical and snaps a tiny rubber band around the little globe from hell, which ligates it. It will fall off on its own in a week or so. There are other methods, including hemorrhoidectomy (cutting them off directly) which are far less common today.
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Get the kind of surgery that uses infrared (I think) heating of the 'rhoids. Painless and quick. GI surgeons usually do it, plus you see adds in the paper for it.
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I second No1UKnow. I had this done some 10 years ago when I had a "bunch of grapes" out of my anus. If yours are like this creams etc will not work. I never had another problem.
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I've always been proud that I've had this particular surgery. Go get it done, you'll be so happy you did.
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You might have a thrombosed hemorrhoid (Not safe for lunch or work link). Those are usually best treated surgically. They heal themselves, but it takes longer.
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Hemorrhoid removal varies depending upon where they are located. If they are *external* to the anus, it is a quick procedure. If they are *internal* to the anus, then it is a more involved procedure. My understanding is that the second one runs the risk of creating scar tissue issues.
One thing you want to do is keep all irritation to a minimum. One kinda silly thing that helps is to use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. Another thing is to coate the area with vaseline or some other gel (not cream) to reduce rubbing. You can also take a part of a baby wipe (for sensitive skin kind) or a sterile wound pad covered with the vaseline (prevents stickage) and fold it and insert it inbetween your butt cheeks. Sounds bizarre and not the most comfortable but it does reduce the irritation of things rubbing eachother. Also note when using OTC meds, not all of the formulas address swelling.

You really want to talk to a doctor @ surgery because they can tell you what kind you have and what is involved. I know someone who had external roidds taken care of and it helped him. Unfortunately he developed an (unrelated) hernia so he didn't get lasting relief.
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Yeah, I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid once. All big and swelled up, like you said. Went to my doc, got referred to a colorectal surgeon, he did the procedure. Seconding No1UKnow. The whole thing was done in like 15 minutes, and was really no big deal. Healed up just fine. Was glad I did it.
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This cold therapy device was recommended to a family member by a reputable ass clinic and seemed to help a lot.
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Thirding No1UKnow. Had a thrombosed hemorrhoid, sent to colorectal surgeon who told me it was one of the largest he'd seen and that he was kind of surprised I could even sit down at all, and he took care of it in the office.

(He also teaches colorectal surgery at a hospital nearby and told me afterwards he should have checked me in there to do it as a demonstration for students.)

If it's external and large enough, he may not completely cut it out, just open it and empty it, and let it heal up normally, giving you antibiotics. But yes, totally outpatient for me and worked out well.
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I had a small but painful thrombosed hemorrhoid (I blame it on my switching jobs to an office that had only multi-stalled bathrooms. I am poop-shy, it turns out) that I got removed surgically. You lie on your side, they give you a shot, you may be asked to hold your butt cheek up (very silly-feeling), they slice, cut/cauterize, and sew up. It took ten minutes, tops. Recovery was very painful. (The doctor just told me to take 3 Advil -- you will want more serious painkillers than that.) But, after a week or two, I was fine and dandy. This was 5 years ago, no problems since.
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Until you can get to the doc to get it removed, Nupercainal is stronger than Preparation H. It helped me a lot.
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[OK, OK, I'll chime in also. This is embarrassing.]
I have had both types, internal and external.
I have had the internal type treated with laser. While uncomfortable, this treatment is not excruciating. It is also very effective. A colonoscopy done by the same doctor revealed that the problem has not returned.
Your problem is of the external type. I am Nthing the doctor route. You should be referred to a proctologist. (My gastrointestinologist would treat the internal type but refer the external type to a proctologist.) The whole thing is about 15 minutes. Injections to numb the area. In my case, the pretty young nurse holds your cheeks apart with a force unknown to man. The doctor cuts, burns, scissors, whatever. You (thankfully) do not get to see what happens. It is a little tender afterward, but nothing like the pain you are suffering now.
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