What is the date, Gates?
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Windows clock/calendar annoyance: why does the date appear only sometimes when the mouse pointer hovers over the taskbar clock?

It seems to be the same with XP and Vista.
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It's just a common bug. I know of no way to fix it permanently, but you can usually fix it by right clicking on the task bar, select properties, then toggle Auto-Hide, apply, then un-toggle and apply once more (or the reverse if, like me, you prefer Auto-Hide). This appears to reset whatever flags are being affected.
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Are you talking about the problem I've always noticed where *sometimes* when you hover your mouse over the clock, the time/date appears BEHIND the TaskBar (which basically means its unreadable)... ? I have no idea why that happens.. but it annoys the shit out of me.
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I once installed a utility installed that provided a workaround for this bug. It would programatically reset the taskbar every minute or so so that the tooltips would stay on top. I don't remember what it was called, sadly, but maybe someone else can find it.
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Best answer: Of course, it was easy to Google. I think it might be ToolTipFixer.
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Thank you for asking this question! This same thing bugs the heck out of me!
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But be careful not to linger too long on the date because, even with toolTipFixer, once the date times out, it's hard to get it back.
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Another reason I like a double-height taskbar - the date is always visible.
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If your using Firefox try Statusbar Date.
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