Best online diet and workout dairy?
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Looking for the best websites to track my diet / exercise / weight.
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I've used both and
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I like
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Another vote for Sparkpeople. I've used it for years.
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I like SparkPeople. I wish they'd do a little more for their fitness section - some of my workouts aren't exactly "in the box" (bellydance, combo workouts with weight lifting and cardio) - but generally they're pretty useful.
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A friend of mine has been using calorie count, and says she really likes it. it lets you keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise and gives results in chart form.
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I really liked My Food Diary, especially for their 'reports' graphs that show you where you'll be in a month or three months if you keep to the track you're on.
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I use the logging section of The Hacker's Diet.
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I just opened a sparkpeople and so far I'm loving it.
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I use FitDay. I'm very happy with it. I prefer it to SparkPeople which is just too busy for me. FitDay is less web2.0 and community oriented but I prefer the starker format and I like the charting.
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I asked something similar a while back. I ended up using a GoogleDoc spreadsheet and looking up calories from CalorieKing. It's not for the non-spreadsheet-enthusiast, but I like the flexibility and simplicity of my spreadsheet.
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DailyBurn or FitDay.
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I'm very, extremely finicky about websites, and therefore have built a bunch of my own web-app running logs that did certain things way better than the norm (so says I) The only running log that made the cut for me was Garmin Connect, but unless you have a Tanka Monitoring Scale, it won't be very useful for health/weight tracking.
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If you're doing the Hacker's Diet, Physics Diet automates the logging and makes nice graphs.
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FitDay is really simple, and it's easy for me to create new "foods" out of a list of ingredients. I found SparkPeople to be a little bit of overkill.
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I use the free version of FitDay. Love it. It's simple and does all three things you mention quite well, with nice graphs.
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I'm also Nthing FitDay. It just works. That's important for record keeping about activities that I already don't want to do.
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Tanita makes scales that have bluetooth connections and can automatically connect to HealthVault, Microsoft's health records platform. There are also other devices that can connect to HealthVault. There are some HV-connected apps, like this thing from Healthy Circles, that can display (and graph and chart) that info; you can look through the apps here.
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I'm with rongorongo on the hacker's diet online tools. I used to use his palm app as well, but the web app works on my phone.
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I like MyNetDiary. It costs a bit but they have an excellent free iPhone app that goes along with it.
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I did a comparison for several nutrition and fitness trackers that you might find useful.
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I tried Fitday, Sparkpeople, and The Daily Plate, and I liked The Daily Plate far, far better than the others.
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The Carrot syncs nicely with my ipod. It's free, easy to use, and has decent graphing capabilities. There are lots of other variables to play with in addition to weight, diet and exercise.
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If you've got an iPhone, DailyBurn is definitely the way to go. Both account and app for DailyBurn are free and compliment each other nicely.

Even if you don't have an iPhone but have a phone with a web browser you can use the mobile version of their site to track your workouts/nutrition/body info at
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Thanks everyone for your recommendations. Many great choices! I decided to go with the DailyBurn because looks very organized and easy to use. I liked the progress charts and that they have an iPhone app, as I been thinking to about buying an iPod Touch soon.

So far I love it and it and and see myself using it for a long time.
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