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Is there a site that tells me which version of multiplatform (ps3/xbox360) games is the better one to get with regard to bugginess/availability of DLC etc.? I know that I can go look up individual reviews for specific title/platform combinations, but is there a specialist site that tracks the differences in a more at-a-glance manner?
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Best answer: Eurogamer has their face-off series of articles, which address this very question. They don't cover every game under the sun, but you should find an entry for most major multiplatform releases.
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Of the major review sites, it seems to me that IGN is the best at consistently talking about the differences between multiplatform releases. I know that's not what you're looking for, but I hope it'll be helpful.

Or, if you just want sweeping generalizations: if there's a significant difference between the two versions, and there isn't always, it's either that the PS3 version looks better or the 360 version has more DLC and/or a more active online userbase. There are exceptions to that rule, certainly, but that seems to be how things usually go.
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Oh, and if there's a Wii version (and there usually isn't), it looks much worse and features some tacked-on remote-wiggling.
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Response by poster: the 360 version has more DLC and/or a more active online userbase.

Be that as it may, my default posture is to favour PS3 for online stuff as I don't want to pay for XBL Gold.
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If PC is an option, its definitely worth considering as well. PC games tend to have more mod-ability, which can increase your replay value. If your system is high-end enough, they look just as good too.

DLC availability on PC is generally pretty solid - I've had free TF2 updates for over a year that XBox users are still waiting on.

PC releases do lag sometimes, often for years (HALO 3 for example).
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