I'm hunting for monsters...
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Help me find the title of this children's book about a boy building a cage/trap for a monster.

I'm trying to find an illustrated children's book that I enjoyed in the early '80s. I don't know if it was published in the US, or only in Canada.

It's about a young boy who sets out into the woods to catch a monster (or dragon?). His friend, or brother, tags along. They start by building a small wooden cage (trap?) for the monster, but keep adding larger and larger extensions onto it as they discuss the probable size of the monster's legs, neck, wings, horns, etc. The resulting wooden cage is enormous – the size of a house. In the end, however, they only catch a rabbit.

Help me out!
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Kinda sorta Stephen Kellogg's Island of the Skog?
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"Kalamazoo! Kalamazoo!
Monster, you're meatloaf. Monster, you're through!
Our monster machine will shrink you so small,
You'll be squished. You'll be squashed.
You'll be nothing at all."

Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue! Similar to what you describe. Though the details don't match. Canadian - yes. Early 90s, not early '80s. They (three girls and a boy) build a monster machine (trap) and, though it never gets as big as a house, they do catch a... oh heck, Wesley will read it for you.
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Final update from the OP:
I FINALLY found the book I was looking for: Maybe a Monster by Martha G Alexander (1985). I was able to locate it using an advanced search on WorldCat
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