Jonesing for Sabra hummus
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We're obsessed with Sabra hummus and want to buy a big tub of it for a party, but the only place we know to get the big tubs is Costco...and we aren't members (and have no member connections at this time). Does any one know of other SoCal stores that sell the big tubs of it, not the little ones? (They're expensive!)
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Best answer: Costco used to let non-members purchase things at a 5% markup, not sure if they still do.

I do know that if you have a costco gift card (which you can buy at any grocery store that sells gift cards) you can use it at costco without a membership.
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Response by poster: Burhanistan--I had a Costco membership once and used it only once (before we discovered the joy of Sabra hummus, unfortunately). With only two people and a small apartment, it's just not worth it.

uleekunkel - Thanks for the gift card suggestion. I didn't know that. $25 worth of hummus, here I come. :)
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memailed you
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Since you're in SoCal, you might also try Smart and Final. They sell bulk sizes without requiring a membership, but I'm not sure if they carry that brand.
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I get it at Sam's here, but you don't need to know that. I just wanted to concur on the awesomeness that is Sabra hummus. So freaking delicious. Better than the restaurant stuff, even. Oh heavenly Sabra....
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Sabra is definitely the best macro brand available in the states. To help answer your question, I believe Costco sells a limited number of products (30,000 or so) and each of them are packaged uniquely for Costco. Good luck finding a like size container of Sabra at another store.
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I would like to agree with the Sabra-love. My favorite above all is their Supremely Spicy hummus. Its without a question the best hummus that I have found packaged in the US. I wasn't aware of Costco having them in larger sizes. I may have to look into these gift guards. Yum.

For those who don't know, here is a list of their hummus goodness.
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