iPhone's DRM - let my music go!
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Does the DRM on iPhone work differently than the DRM on, say, the iPod Classic?

I've got an iPhone 3G as well as a 160 GB iPod Classic, both synced to my home computer (PowerMac G5), which also houses my >26k-track iTunes library. Both devices are set to allow me to manually manage music.

When I take those devices to work and connect them to iTunes on my Windows machine (also authorized by the iTunes Music Store), they work differently. I can play the music on the iPod using iTunes, but I cannot play the music on my iPhone - all the songs are grayed out in iTunes.

Is iPhone different in that regard?
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to expand, it's not the DRM on the files that's different, it's the DRM on the connection. To prevent people from using the iphone as you want, apple didn't include the disk-mode USB connection that the classic has.
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Do you have "Manually manage music and videos" checked on one device, and not the other?

iTunes has never allowed playback with automatically synced devices for some reason - if you turn that option off, it will let you play back songs on any computer, and also allows you to add songs from any computer - but it won't automatically copy anything you've added to your library.

I know on the Mac there's software like PhoneView that will let you play back your music regardless of how the sync software is set - there may be cheaper/better and alternatives for Windows, but I'm not familiar enough to know what those are.
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What nomisxid said. The iPhone doesn't support a disk-mode connection for various silly Apple-lockdown reasons.
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