Where to spend a 4-day weekend in SE Asia?
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I've found myself in SE Asia (KL, Malaysia) with a 4-day weekend (because of Raya) and nothing to do. I'm thinking I probably should travel somewhere, but really not sure where. Where is a good place for a solo traveler to go in the area (the area being anywhere in the eastern hemisphere I can get in a reasonable amount of time)? Cheap is good, but not essential.
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Response by poster: This may have just become an academic exercise. I just found an old friend living in Tokyo... not exactly close (or cheap), but may be to good to pass up.
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Penang--Beaches on Far Side--Thailand on the other side of the Bridge
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Taman Negara? BKK?
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Response by poster: I have booked a flight to Tokyo, so I'm good. But I imagine this could be helpful for someone in the future.
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4 days would be a perfect amount of time to spend at Angkor Wat.
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Well, enjoy your trip to Tokyo, but a nice short trip from KL wold be Tioman Island. There are a bunch of hotels there, ranging from cheap and rather off-putting to deluxe resorts. Golf, swimming, snorkeling, and eating seem to be the major attractions. (The stampede to the buffet when the dinner gong rings is pretty funny.)
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Personally I'd:

Take the train to Bangkok

Go to the Perhentian Islands

Drive down to Malacca

Visit Georgetown

Visit the Cameron Highlands
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