Cry cry baby
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What causes crying headaches?

I cried all afternoon at work (boo --private office) and now I have a massive headache, despite meds. What causes these insane crying headaches? What a bad side effect to a bad situation!
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I always assumed it was dehydration. I mean, you're squeezing water out of your face. I generally try to drink a glass of water while I soak my pillow all emo-style.
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Also you're squishing up the muscles of your face when you cry. Just try tensing the muscles in and around your forehead for a few seconds and it'll start making your head hurt - maybe cutting off the blood supply through swelling from unusual exertion of the muscles plus dehydration?
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Most likely from the uneven breathing, and the nasal/sinus swelling, that goes along with crying. I googled "crying headache" and it has several results.

Hope you feel better soon.
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Speculation--tension headache? I find an ice pack to the head and a dark room helps when I have one.
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Crying can make your sinuses fill up, which can cause a headache.
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i vote dehydration. in fact in my experience most headaches are caused by dehydration.
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For me, tension headaches.
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When I was a kid I'd cry and get lightheaded--that's when I knew it was time to stop, actually. Something along those lines?
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Dehydration?! The amount of water you could lose in tears is insignificant. I'm guessing it's psychogenic or a "tension" headache.
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I think it's the tension + sinus irritation. Mostly tension I'm guessing, because I often get really bad headaches if I'm pushed to the point of crying, but don't actually cry.
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For me it's sinus.
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