Is there a simple computer program I can use to graph functions?
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Is there an easy-to-use computer program (other than TI Interactive) I can use to draw graphs of functions when I'm writing my Algebra 2 tests?

Ideally, I'd like to be able to easily graph functions (single functions as well as piecewise functions), save the graphs, and insert them into a Word document. I'm using Windows Vista.

I loved TI Interactive but for reasons I'm not entirely clear about my school did not renew our subscription to that program this year (I don't know if there is a compatibility issue with Vista or if there is some other reason they did not renew, but the bottom line is I can't use that program any more). I'd like to find something similar to TI Interactive, preferably something that is free or very cheap.
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I'm a fan of GraphCalc. Should be cheap enough.
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You can try

Check the faq for piecewise functions.
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You know you can do that with a spreadsheet, don't you? It isn't very difficult at all. Either Excel or OpenOffice Calc will do that.

First you create a cell and put "1" in it. (or 0, or -3.14159, or whatever you need.)
Then you create a cell beneath it which adds 1. (Or .1 or .01 or whatever increment you need.)
Then you duplicate that cell a bunch of times. Now you've got your X axis values.

To the right of the first cell you set up your function to convert that "1" into the function value.

Then you duplicate that cell underneat it as many times as there are occupied cells on the first column. Now you have your Y axis values.

From there it's just a matter of using their plotting function to plot one of those columns against the other.
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I believe Wolfram Alpha will do it. For example.
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Response by poster: I've tried WinPlot and it suits my needs but I agree with floam -- it's icky. I do have a mac at home so I'll try "Grapher" -- I had no idea I even had it on my computer, thank you. And I love Wolfram Alpha.


Thanks, guys!
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