Broken dishwasher
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My dishwasher isn't draining properly... help please?

The machine is a Bosch. The water is collecting in the 'trap' at the bottom of the machine. I've cleared some goop from the trap itself, but it appears running the machine again simply added more water to my mess.

We've had this problem once in the past. My wife says Mr. Plumber did basically what I've done: opened up the trap itself (the plastic bit with a very rough filter on it) and vacuumed it out.

I haven't gotten the shopvac back into the house yet, but that's my plan in the morning.

* How do I get a Bosch to run the drain sequence only?
* Any thoughts about what (aside from obstruction) could be causing this?
* Best bet for repair?
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Is this a new dishwasher? Has it ever drained properly?

I had the same problem last year when I moved into my new place. It turned out that the angle and height for the drain hose were wrong - the specs should be in the manual that came with the dishwasher. I fixed it myself with a handful of zip ties. The repairs took about five minutes and I haven't had a problem since.
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Response by poster: It's not new, and normally functions perfectly.
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I had this problem recently on a very old & heavily used dishwasher. The solution was to remove the large filter in the bottom (in my case, it was a large (10" diameter) ring much like a car's air filter, and as easily removable) and hose it out, outdoors, with plenty of water pressure. See if you can access the area under the trap to look for a finer-mesh filter than the one you describe on the trap.
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I second obloquy. Remove the cage-like large object trap, then use your shop vac to clean the muck from the filters beneath the trap. You can find directions for this disassembly in the use and care manual for your dishwasher.

To drain the washer, start a cycle, then immediately cancel that cycle using whatever simultaneous two-button press your particular model uses.

Note that normal operation leaves a little water in the trap at the end of the cycle.
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It turned out that the angle and height for the drain hose were wrong
Thinking backwards may help.
Most dishwashers drain through the sinks garbage disposal. You may want to check it out and the hoses that connect it to the dishwasher. As it is better to the run sinking’s garbage disposal prior to turning on the dishwasher.
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Excuse the mistakes
As it is better to run the sink's garbage
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