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I am looking for music that evokes the spirit of nostalgic, 70s-80s-era, variety show, Saturday morning cartoon, vintage game show-style aesthetics, like The Go! Team or...umm -- well, anything that sounds like TG!T really, then.
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A lot of the tracks on the incredibly fun compilation Samba Soul 70! have that feel, especially the instrumentals by Som Três, Dom Salvador & Banda Abolição, the Milton Banana Trio, Banda Black Rio, and the De Savoya Combo.

If you like that, check out Black Rio: Brazil Soul Power 1971-1980, although there are only a couple of instrumentals on it (União Black, Dom Salvador again).

Mongo Santamaria - Watermelon Man

There are probably dozens of library/production music comps that would know your socks off. Check out this tune by Bernard Lubat.
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In fact, here's a whole youtube playlist of library music.
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I think COMFORTSTAND RECORDINGS might be of some interest to you, be sure to check out Martinibomb and Coconut Monkey Rocket.
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A little bit off what you asked for, but Boards of Canada tunes bring back severe nostalgia for any Canadian kids of that era.

If you watched saturday morning cartoons in the 80's, you no doubt saw many, many little vignettes from the Film Board of Canada, which BoC heavily samples from.

I don't think Americans would have quite the same feeling about it though.
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Cornelius' Fantasma does it for me: it's playful pop played on lots of kids instruments (among other things). It's like an ADHD five-year-old running round in a recording studio.

Check out Star Fruits Rider if you want to actually hear it.
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Sonny J - Can't stop moving. The video is exactly that.
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Do you use You can make a The Go! Team station (I just did) and it'll find music that has the same musical qualities - I've found that it's a great way to find music I never heard before but really enjoy.
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Os Mutantes!

Also, Stereolab ca. '94-96. I'm partial to Emperor Tomato Ketchup.

Some Red Kross may also fit the bill.
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You might try Tilly and the Wall -- their stomping, tap-dancing, clapping percussion and chant-y vocals make me think of G!T sometimes.

Check it: Pot Kettle Black

And you might dig their Sesame Street appearance, too!
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