Lackadaaaaaisical. (Huh?)
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What was this TV ad (for)? Stereotypical teenage roll call: jock, prude, dork, babe, bonehead, lackadaisical, "huh?"

I saw an ad on TV years ago (15-20 years ago?) that started out with two metalhead-looking guys sitting on a car saying "JOCK" dismissively. Cut to a jock-looking guy saying "prude!" Cut to a girl saying "dorks!" Cut to some dorks saying "BABE." Cut to a "babe" saying "bonehead..." Cut to a professor-type with his arms crossed saying "lackadaisical." Finally, cut to a stoner-looking guy saying "...huh?"

What was that? And why did it stick in my head after all this time? And if I remember the ad so well, how can I not remember what it was even for?
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It sounds vaguely like The Breakfast Club. Is it possible you saw an updated trailer for it? Perhaps on some channel showing it? Here's the original trailer. It's not an exact match, but about halfway through, there's a sort of roll call like what you're describing.
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I remember this. I remember seeing it during a Parker Lewis Can't Lose commercial break. Definitely not the trailer for The Breakfast Club. Definitely can't remember what it was for either.
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I pulled up tons of Breakfast Club stuff when I googled the terms above, but it had no connection (other than the stereotype callouts) to that movie. Probably it was inspired by and/or ripped off the Breakfast Club. And yes, it was definitely in the era of Parker Lewis Can't Lose.. so that would make it in the 1990-93 time frame. Same era as the "look like a model...don't act like one" ads for (CK?)

I remember in each little scene the music matched the people. (Generic metal music for the "metalheads," classical music for the "prude," etc.,)
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