Where can I find free meeting space in Los Angeles?
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Where can I find free meeting space in Los Angeles?

I'm starting up a networking organization for pre-licensed therapists in LA and we're looking for free space to hold presentations. Evenings, approx. 2 hours, somewhere between 20 and 50 people. I know about a room at Whole Foods, the room at the Farmers Market, and that's about it. Must be Westsideish. No Valleys (they have their own groups).
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Los Angeles Public Library has meeting space. It costs money but you can get the fee waived if the event is open to the general public free of charge and is "educational and cultural in nature" Not sure what you have in mind, and I don't think it would be the right solution for a long term thing, but maybe or a one-time thing if you don't mind being open to the public?
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Not sure about specifics, but you could try churches? Also, I know the amusingly named Stoner Recreation Area has a very cheap room but it is small, unpleasant, and doesn't smell great.
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Also look for Community Centers, such as the one in Granada Hills behind the Trader Joe's.

You might also try a community college or school, especially if one of your members is a teacher at the school....
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