What's next for my career?
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Currently: Gainfully employed in the business of selling mortgages. Problem: Not entirely fulfilling. Help: What now?

I graduated from college seven years ago, and since then, I've done the following full-time: provided support to fundraisers tasked with raising money for financial aid at a major university, created multimedia and ran scoreboards for two professional baseball teams, and sold mortgages.

Most of my peers and friends have long since found "the thing" that will keep them busy for the next 30 years, but I seem incapable of staying tied to one organization and profession. But the next time I start over, I want it to be the last time.

I was a journalism major in college and love to write. I love libraries. I love urban planning and design. I love higher education. And baseball. I can sell.

How do any of these things fit together into a fulfilling career? And how can I find that career without spending another dime on more education?
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If writing is your passion, could you earn money writing about your other passions - sports writing or financial journalism?

My observation is that those who succeed in writing commercially for niche markets do so because they have a talent for engaging their readers and for making tedious subjects entertaining. It will cost you only your time to find out whether you possess that talent. One of our most recognisable TV personalities started out as a financial commentator presenting a 5 minute business report - he's now a popular news/current affairs host, so you never know where your passions will lead you.

Seriously, if you can "decode" the mystery of mortgages for the average person, you have a captive audience.
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You could help write proposals for consultants who compete for planning contracts. It would certainly cover some of you interests neatly, but unfortunately I can't promise that it wouldn't be soul-sucking.
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Hmmm, working for a someone like Jane Jacobs or a group with the same goals as hers? Or being the second coming of Jane Jacobs? What do you do in your spare time? Is there a passion there than could be made into a profession?
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I'm currently reading a couple of books by one Barbara Shaw that may or may not be of some use to you: 1, 2. Your question sounds so familiar it could've been lifted right out of one of them! :)
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