Is there an easy recipe for wheat free pizza crust?
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Is there such thing as an easy, wheat-free pizza crust recipe?

My husband is allergic to wheat, not just gluten, wheat. Does there exist a pizza crust recipe that is a)easy to make and b) entirely wheat/gluten free? Thanks!
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Bob's Red Mill has a mix you can buy. Any health food store should have it.
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have you seen

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, there's a tip
for making gluten free pizza dough.
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Oops. Here's the correct link
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I make a mixture of whole grain rice flour, yogurt, baking powder, a little oil. I've lost the recipe so I just wing it. grease the pan and scoop the batter onto the pan and then pat it down flat about one inch thick. bake at 400 for ten or fifteen minutes then add toppings and bake until done. I think this is delicious and I came to it after trying many recipes with 20 ingredients.

There is also a pre-packaged mix at the health food store but it is way over-priced.
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You can find a cauliflower pizza crust here:
Mark's Daily Apple
along with a lot of other substitutes for foods using wheat flour.
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As Joanna C said, Bob's Red Mill makes a bunch of GF mixes including pizza crust. They also have an all purpose GF flour mix, which I think makes a nice pizza crust with added cornmeal. You can order online if you can't find them locally.
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This is the recipe I use. We make it almost once a week at our house and once you've made it a few times it doesn't take so long. No rising! Spreading it on the pan is a bit of an art; I recommend using lots of corn flour while pressing it out, then knocking the excess off after you bake the crust. I usually replace 1/3 cup of the brown rice flour with buckwheat to make it more interesting.
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