What is the best option for temporary Internet?
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Best cheap, temporary Internet access by dial-up or cell? (In Kittery, ME.)

For about a week I will be in a house in Kittery, ME (area code 207) that does not have any sort of broadband Internet. (I don't particularly want to go to the library or a cafe for wifi, so that's not an option.) What is the best way to get temporary, possibly slow Internet at the house for the week?

Relevant details:
  1. Dial-up: My Ubuntu laptop has a modem, though I don't have a dial-up account with local access numbers for Kittery, ME/Portsmouth, NH. The house itself has a phone line. Are there temporary dial-up ISPs, or do I have to sign up for an account with a regular one and then cancel immediately? This thread mentions some explicitly temporary dial-up options, but it looks as though if I'm going to use it for 32 hours-ish most are pretty expensive. I also probably have one or two non-local dial-up numbers I might be able to call---are there any very, very cheap calling cards that would last tens of hours within the US?
  2. Cellular: I have an iPhone, but I haven't jailbroken it so I'm pretty sure it won't tether. Are there any temporary 3G wireless options (or equivalent), or do all of the fast cellular options require having a separate account and buying a USB dongle or PCMCIA card? (This thread mentions some options, but it's a little old and most seem to start at $50+.)
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If you have cable (or possibly DSL, but I have no experience with it) at home, your ISP may provide some sort of toll free Internet service. Cox calls this Remote Dial Access, and on my tier I get 20 hours a month free, and $5 per 5 hour block thereafter.
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Netzero seems to have local access numbers for Kittery and Portsmouth, and the first ten hours are free. $9.95/month afterward.
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Virgin mobile has a contractless mobile broadband but the usb is about $150 (from best buy) and the minutes are $50+ for what you need, so seems beyond your desired price range. (It was the best I found for fast temporary internet). Also not sure if they offer coverage in that area.
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If you have AT&T DSL, you get dialup access for free with your account.

The last time I used Netzero it worked.

A quick google search shows basicisp.net offers 30 days of dialup service for 7 bucks. I'd sign up for that with a temporary credit card number if you have access to one, and cancel after your week.
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The Super Dimentional Fortress provides cheap dialup access. Although for more information like numbers or location, you have to telnet into their server.
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