football watching in portland or
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Looking for a place to watch the Pats/Bills game tonight in Portland, OR. Any suggestions? Doesn't necessarily have to be a "sports bar" just a friendly place with a few tvs and a good beer selection would do the trick.

Previously but the info is probably out of date. Kingston's was mentioned there and is certainly a candidate but wanted to see if anybody had any other suggestions. I'm in SW but would be willing to drive a bit out of my way. Thanks.
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claudia's and slabtown are still around. for a nicer atmosphere tho, i really like to watch my sports at the bar at grand central bowling. they have about a dozen screens.
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Best answer: The Cheerful Tortoise is decent, for a downtown bar - it's a very college-y vibe, but a good place to watch sports. Kingston is also good, as is Claudia's - I don't know that Slabtown is good for sports any more as I only go there for music, though.

Also, an obligatory plug for my favorite NW district bar - the Nob Hill Bar & Grill. It's on 23rd but is as far from swanky 23rd Ave vibe as you could want to get. Decent taps, great burgers, and a pretty cool staff.
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I know that the New Old Lompoc on NW 23rd is a Red Sox bar. Maybe they stick with the New England theme and do Pats games too?
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Response by poster: In case anyone cares, ended up at the Cheerful Bullpen near PGC Park (bizarrely enough is a Bills bar). Cheap beer and a good atmosphere for football watching. Thanks to all.
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