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I have an interview for a Dialer Admin II position at a huge collections outfit in four hours. Although I have about 10 years of collections call center experience and have worked extensively ON a dialer, I've never actually done any Dialer Admin-type work. What can I say or do to help me get this job?

I've already landed a position as a collector for said company, but this could make the different between a job and a career. I feel like I have enough experience in collections to do the job right, even if I don't know much about building a dialer campaign specifically. So yeah - hoping there are some dialer admins, HR or manager-type people who can give me some good advice on how to win this possibly life-changing interview.
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Best answer: maybe concentrate on 3 basics: your organizational skills, your ability to build and foster relationships with all staff levels, and your length of tenure in the field. good luck.
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You can say your a fast learner, which IMO is more important than knowing specific tools. Also, if you know the software you'll be using, hit up the manufacturer site and dig up a few PDF manuals and give them a once over. Good luck!
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If you use the "I'm a fast learner" statement, be sure to be able to back it up with examples. A lot of hiring managers are seeing this as a statement that doesn't _mean_ anything because so many people say it. Another one to avoid nowadays is "my worst attribute is that I'm a perfectionist." Again, too many people have used it and rendered it useless. You can use it if you can back it up with examples and show how you are addressing the (true) issues caused by perfectionism.
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I'd like to second Librarygeek here. It was one of my stock answers for interviews for a long time, because I am a quick learner, in the sense that I pick up on most things on the first explanation or try and go on to something else, and in school, I'd usually be working several chapters ahead (or, in some cases, a few years ahead. Well, I was bored...). However, having worked the last six months in a job where I conducted interviews from the other side of the desk, I will never use the phrase again without qualification or solid evidence (examples, references, etc.) to back it up.
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I just realized that was ambiguous. I meant that I get things on the first explanation or on the first try, and then I go on to the next thing, not that I either get it or just brush past it.
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