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Is there any way to vertically stretch out google calendar, so it displays the range of time that coincides with my workday? I can do this in iCal, but would like gcal to do this too, if at all possible.
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I am really looking forward to an answer to this, but I suspect there's not. Maybe a greasemonkey script?
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it can be done! on the left hand side, simply click and highlight two days at a a time instead of the whole week.
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sorry, try this link:
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Response by poster: That is a useful tip kidsleepy, but I'm afraid it's not what I meant. If you look at the link, you can see my calendar already shows just 2 days by default. This is great. But what I am looking for is a way to stretch the calendar vertically, so it only shows a limited range of time.

iCal does this, I can see between 6AM to 3PM for instance. Google Calendar forces you to see (at least on my screen) 15 hours, so 6AM to 9PM for example.
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