He sailed the seven seas...?
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Can you help me track down this early 90s cartoon movie on vhs?

I'm trying to remember an old cartoon movie. It's very vague in my mind but I will try to list everything I remember about it. All of this is really subject to my own recollection so take it all with a grain of salt and list anything that you might think connects to my "evidence"

I THINK it's called Captain Columbus. But Google has not given any leads on that name.

The movie starts with a faerie that lives on some sort of chandelier with the other faeries. She also has a big head on the cover of the movie, sort of square like.

There's also this worm or insect or other little creature with a pointy nose used for carving wood he loved to eat wood or whatever he and lived inside Columbus's globe on his ship. Him and the faerie had a relationship together. But they were the subplot of the story.

So Captain Columbus he had 3 ships and he was like a scientist and captain of a ship.

He was searching for this pyramid of gold and found it but somehow it collapses in the end and they all get away.

This cartoon was from the 90s, early to mid 90s. I was in like 3rd or 4th grade. I lent it to someone else and they never gave it back to me. I appreciate all the help and guesses I can get! Thanks!
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Best answer: It looks like it's this.

Tape and DVD here.
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Response by poster: Thank you! From the bottom of my nostalgic children's soul! This was my fav movie in 4th grade! Thank you!
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