How to make my LaCie 5big NAS better?
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LaCie 5Big NAS hacks/modifications/tricks?

Just got a 5Big NAS (5TB) running RAID5. Has a built-in torrent client but it's pretty weak. Any way to hack it to run a linux distro of Transmission or Vuze, something like that? Any other tricks that make this box better (aside from "spend $1500 more and get a readyNAS")

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Not a hack,but: switch it to RAID6. With RAID5, you only can lose one disk before you lose the entire array. With 1TB disks, it will sometimes take at least an hour to rebuild the array ... even if you replace the disk right away. With RAID6 you can lose two before you have data loss.
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Seconding the RAID6 idea, and do it now before you get too comfortable. I've been thinking about that very drive for my home network, a nasty mix of Macs, Windows and Linux.

How are you using the torrent client?
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Response by poster: rokusan, the only way to interact with the torrent client is via the LaCie web administration interface, a very simplistic, basic client. Can't set # of active connections, any of the advanced stuff azureus/transmission/µtorrent/etc. give you.
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I haven't been able to find any information on getting a shell on the LaCie 5Big or customizing its software. This could mean that the device is fairly locked down or that nobody has tried. You might try to find out whether similar models from LaCie have been successfully modified.
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