Which samsung netbook should I choose?
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The Samsung netbook NC 10 and N120 are now the same price. Which one should I buy?

NC 10 has a matte screen, slightly smaller keyboard. The N120 has a glossy screen (although I'm told not that glossy) and a better speaker system. It may also have a better battery, although its difficult to compare.

The NC 10 is highly rated but I wonder if the new low price of the N120 changes that.
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I'd get the N120 just for the bigger keyboard - 83% of full on the NC10 and 97% full on the NC120. You may also want to look into the NC110 for the better battery life.
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I use the NC10 as my daily internet/iTunes/photo editor. It works wonderfully. I have large hands and the keyboard has not been a problem. Also the battery life is excellent. My only complaint would be that the speakers are tinny and barely suitable for music or video. If you do get the NC10 definitely upgrade the RAM to 2 Gb, it makes a huge improvement.
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