Is there any way to access the non-SD card memory in a G1 that won't boot up?
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Is there any way to access the non-SD card memory in a G1 that won't boot up?

I have a G1 that died last week. The problem seems to be in the power management circuitry; it won't charge a battery, won't turn on when plugged into the wall, and won't turn on with a battery fully charged in another G1.

T-Mobile stepped up to the plate and sent me a replacement phone quickly, and everything that was on the SD card survived transplanting. Thing is, I was using the app OI Notepad, which stored documents by default in the phone memory instead of the card.

Is there any way to get to those documents?
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Someone with a steady hand and some electronics-fu could presumably bypass the power management stuff and power the device directly. Even if it can't be made to boot it should be possible to read the internal memory via jtag, and then presumably extract the file you're looking for. Probably a time-consuming process requiring some specialized skills, though. How important is it to recover this data?
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not important enough to do anything that would keep t-mobile from accepting the dead phone, like dis-assembly.
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