How can I watch Championship League Football... from Oklahoma?
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How can I watch the Cardiff City, Newcastle United match this Sunday... from Oklahoma?

I'd like to watch the Cardiff City, Newcastle United match this Sunday, but I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

What are my options?

1) I don't have cable, but will Fox Soccer Channel carry it? If so, maybe I can find a nice sports bar or nice friend who would let me roll in at 8am... actually that's not very likely.

2) Is there a way to watch the match online?

3) Is there a way to listen to the match online?

4) Is there a site that will provide a play by play in realtime?
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can't help you with live but you can typically get a torrent very shortly after from somewhere like, a site the specializes in british tv torrents
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It won't be on FSC -- relegation has that effect. You have MeMail, though.
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As someone who has trouble watching his Bundesliga/National Elf teams sometimes, check out .

Click on their sports tab, and you should be able to find it live. Otherwise there are a multitude of other sites that are pay-to-watch (I've no experience with them, but ESPN360 seems like one that's reliable, if it's carrying your match.)

Good luck!
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There are plenty of options online, none legal. If you don't get a decent answer here shoot me a memail.
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one of the options from this previous AskMe question may work for you.
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Uncanny reversal, K.P., nicely done.
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ESPN360 claims it is free on college campuses, I have access to one of those. It also lists this game as an upcoming live event on its schedule.

So this might actually be free, live and legit.

Unbelievable. Metafilter has yet again exceeded my wildest expectations.
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If that falls through (for me, sometimes one works better than the other and it really depends), try
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RojaDirecta is an online sports aggregator of sorts, linking to streaming sites like Justin, Atdhe, Ustream as well as a bunch of P2P solutions as well.
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