Help me with the Jaeger podcaster?
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Anyone out there using the Jaeger podcaster?

I was hoping that I could use it to listen to the Teenage Wasteland archives from WFMU. But I'm not sure how to set up a feed, any ideas?
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I think you might be misunderstanding the podcast concept: In a podcast, an actual MP3 file (usually) is attached to a feed specifically written to carry those files. If WFMU doesn't offer an RSS feed for that show, or an MP3 file for the individual program, there's no podcasting that's going to happen unless you are adept at screenscraping (making your own feed from scratch that resides on your server and periodically reads the WFMU website, scraping out the important links from the HTML) & then cobbling something together to record the stream to an MP3. Which is pretty complicated and prone to failure if anything on the website is ever altered or moved. But maybe someone will come along who would like to write such a thing.

WFMU's archives are in Real format; you need a program for your particular platform that can record a Real stream to your hard drive and convert it to an MP3 for playback on your iPod.

I use AudioHijack Pro for OS X for that purpose; it can be set to do its recording on a timer so you can have it pull down streams overnight. It's not free, though, and it might not be for the platform you use anyway.
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Response by poster: Well WFMU archives are available in real and mp3: see here. So I don't have to worry about the converting from real issue.

But I do have to put together my own RSS feed. I thought that maybe Jager could help me with that, but I haven't had time to do the research. I thought maybe someone here knew of a shortcut.
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Ah yes, the first page you linked to seemd to only have Real streams for most of the shows.

As far as I can tell, though, the files onthe archive page are mp3 streams (".m3u"), not actual files. Meaning they download in real-time. You can't say "hey, download those three shows for me, pop 'em on my ipod, and let's go" because each file will have to spool out over the course of 2 hours (or whatever the program length is). There might be programs that can fake it and record these faster (possibly by opening, say, five connections to one stream at once, each a different percentage into the broadcast) but I don't know of any names.

You're looking at an uphill battle to automate this. Maybe a good first step would be writing to WFMU and explaining the glories of podcasting to them. It might coerce them to add an RSS feed to their archives, or at least a set of non-streaming mp3 files. Knowing how stretched they are for volunteers, though, you'd probably have to go to their office in Jersey City and do it yourself, unfortunately.

If someone who lived near there could actually make this happen it would be yet another coup for WFMU in the history of broadcasting. And it would seriously up the profile of podcasting in general.
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i don't even have an ipod, but would this help?
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Response by poster: Actually, I live in Jersey City, so going there could actually happen, except that I really just don't have the technical know-how to get the thing done. Real is out of the question (For many reasons, I refuse to use that player.) so I wouldn't be able to get the archives, but I was hoping to set something up so I could do a little time-shifting with the show.

on preview: thanks armacy - I'm going to try this out.
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[self link below... but relevant]

I just launched a service called MFeeds for just this sort of problem. It will both create podcast-friendly feeds from regular feeds and generate podcast-friendly feeds from webpages. Try using it on the URL

I got that URL from the M3U file.
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Response by poster: Update: While I could get the RSS feed submitted by Armacy to work, I'm still not able to get the MFeed running. I followed the direstions for the "Any webpage ? podcast-friendly feed" input field, but I think I am missing a step. Help?
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Well color me impressed. So that person's server is ripping each episode to disk and then farming them out to whoever requests them? Good luck with the bandwidth, dude!

(I used to live in downtown JC too, lilboo, but I only visited WFMU one time, to donate some records.)
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When you enter the URL for processing and click generate you'll be given another URL (at to use in your RSS application (Jaeger in this case). For you, the URL of the RSS feed will be

However, looking at the link armacy supplied, the two feeds will accomplish different things. The first (armacy's) only has the latest show for each DJ, but the MFeeds created feed will include all the archives of shows of Teenage Wasteland and be updated when new shows of TW are added to the archives.
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Response by poster: Before it drops off the AskMe page, I have an update.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'll return to this thread after I get it going. (Thanks to David Janes at Blogmatrix for the instructions.)
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