How to store silicone sex toys
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We need suggestions on how to safely and cleanly store silicone sex toys.

With standard plastic sex toys we have always stored them in a bedside drawer just tossed in (after being washed of course) or sometimes a duffel bag. But after finding out about the germs and cancer risk caused by normal plastic toys (porous) we have upgraded to safe, sterile silicone and glass only.

But for those who don't know...silicone toys can't touch in storage. Fir reasons beyond my small brain's lack of comprehending molecular science, if two silicone toys touch for an extended period if time...they melt. It's happened to us and the rest is..disturbing.

Well we just got some new silicone toys and aren't sure how to store them in a manner that is convenient (I.e. Not one toy per bedroom drawer) and also won't cause them to melt. The glass toys come in nice padded bags, but nit the silicone. I've thought of wrapping them in a handtowel fir storage but I fear that may leave residue.

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I have read that you should store each toy in its own zippy top plastic bag. (Wash, dry, then store.) I don't know how the plastic and the silicone would or wouldn't interact, though. It was just the answer to some random "Do you know how to treat your sex toys?" quiz, so it could be completely incorrect. I've read that silicone toys can get discolored if they are stored right next to other objects, but that was also on some random untrustworthy site.

Great question.
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Yup, a handtowel is good. Try to find those kitchen towels that leave little, if any, lint. Make sure they are clean and wrap 'em good. If the toy comes out with residue (which in my experience is usually just lint and hair... 'cause cat hair gets *everywhere*) from the towel, just wash in hot water and you'll be golden. You don't have to necessarily wrap the items. I store mine in a staggered fashion: one on top of the towel, one under, one on top, etc.

There are other options such as silky bags you could purchase from Babeland or some other toy purveyor but I've found those to be a waste of money.
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Oh yeah. One of those things that can really put a twist in the mood is opening up the fun chest and finding you've got a case of DaliDildo. Unless you're throwing silica gel bags in there and are fanatical about drying everything off, I'd stay away from plastic bags.

Those little "bistro" towels are rather low-lint.
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Just avoid anything terrycloth if you want to cut down on lint. A flour sack tea towel or cloth napkin would probably do the trick nicely.
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Try looking for a microfibre cloth*. They clean beautifully and are completely lint free.

*No connection to site. It's just one that appeared in Google.
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Just wanted to add, make sure you DO NOT use silicone lube with silicone toys. It will also cause the melting reaction.
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Also, store your lube and toys in separate boxes or whatever. I'm pretty sure that leaking lube has caused the Dali effect in a couple of cases with some toys.
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we use a bath towel folded accordion style, but a hand towel/tea towel/garage cloth will work just as well. you want to also be careful with anything hard or sharp in the drawer you're putting it in. a slice in your toy from an errant business card is a sad day.

as another storage suggestion - i have a pair of pajama pants i bough from bath and body works that came in a totally cute cotton bag (it matches the pants, all pink and green and white striped). to this end, jersey sheets also come in a great bag. you don't need a special sex toy bag, but if you find one and you happen to be buying the product anyway, they work well.
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Cotton tube socks.
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Mason Jars. Bonus: double as provocative living room art installation!
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What about lining a silverware drawer divider with a towel? That way the toys will be in their own little depressions and won't roll into each other and melt, while also not being directly on the plastic.
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I find this website to be super-awesome in general, and their sex toy guide is pretty darn informative. They have an interesting section on how to care for and store sex toys that sounds like it would be right up your alley.
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A tip from the helpful salesperson who sold us ours: Corn starch can prevent hardening of the outer layer of silicone. It also absorbs water that might be in the air inside the container. Coat the exposed silicone areas of the toy and add an extra pinch in whichever container you put it in.
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Is sheathing them with a condom viable?
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Organize Your Sex Toys

found while taking the Sex Toy or Baby Toy? quiz
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