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I am giving a English class to a group of Argentinian 8-12 year olds in a few hours, I'm looking for fun games I can play with them.

I'm volunteering for an after-school club that helps out kids in a fairly rough area of Buenos Aires. I went yesterday and was asked to do a lesson for them today. I helped one of the kids with his English homework ("The museum is next to the cafe" type of level) so they are not complete beginners but they are not going to be the most attentive students in the world. I don't have access to a flipchart, blackboard or that sort of thing and for today at least as my preparation time limited would like ideas for games or at least more interactive language-based activities.

For example I remember one where the students stand in a circle, throwing the ball at one another, and have to make a statement about the person who threw them the ball, "John has brown hair". However based on what I saw yesterday, throwing a ball would quickly descend into chaos...

Any ideas, gratefully received.
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Two lies and a truth?

Student says three things about him or herself. Two are true. One is a lie. The others have to guess which is the lie. . . it's more of an icebreaker game, but it'd force them to talk and use their language skills.
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How about a simple song like The Green Grass Grows all Around where they come up with the next verse:

"On the tree there was a ____"
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"When I go on vacation, I'm going to bring an awesome apple."

"When I go on vacation, I'm going to bring an awesome apple and a big bunny."

"When I go on vacation, I'm going to bring an awesome apple, a big bunny, and a cute cactus."

ad infinitum

Variation: don't worry about the repetition, just have each person move to the next letter of the alphabet.
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What about telephone?

Whisper a phrase in English to the person on your right and then they whisper it to their right and so on. The last person announces the phrase to entire group and hilarity ensues.

Of course, telephone is only fun for one or maybe two rounds...
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Play a game of Telephone, aka Chinese Whispers.
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