Help Salvage My Muffins!
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I just made a huge batch of zucchini/apple muffins and they look beautiful. Unfortunately, they taste well, not horrible, but very, very baking soda-y. What should I do with them?

Is there another dessert I could turn them into? A sauce to serve over them that would cut the soda taste? Should I cube and toast them? I'm willing to try anything! I just spent an hour making these and I'd hate too see all that work go to waste. They are so close to being really tasty, but I can't stand the edge of the soda.
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Best answer: some kind of sweet glaze or frosting may do the trick - I'm kind of a sucker for the sweet/salty coffee-cake like combo of baking soda biscuits + sweet glaze tho.
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Google isn't much help, I see, which is why you've come here.

I suppose, you could sacrifice one and see if you could "wash" the muffin with vinegar (you know, to get the reaction) but I'm not sure if that would work, the soda might have changed chemically with the baking. Then you'd have the vinegar to deal with.

I'm sorry, I have never had to deal with this, but I'd love to know if this would work.
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Eat them with jam?
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You could cut in half, toast, and spread with jam or honey, which might disguise the baking soda taste. Or you could make bread pudding out of them, which would have a similar effect. (There's no way to "wash" the baking soda out of the muffins, though.)
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Bread pudding?
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Dry them out, crumble them up, and feed them to the birds?
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I would make french toast with them.
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Best answer: Seconding bread pudding. Use any recipe and just sub in the muffins for the bread. I've used this one and liked it, but there are a million.
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Best answer: If they have a good sponge you could try to split them laterally, brush them with apple liquor and simple syrup (lb sugar & 1 pt water brought to a boil then cooled). Then frost them. Instant mini cakes.
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Definitely also recommending bread pudding. If you add a lot of fall spice to the eggs mixture you can cover any bad baked good with bread pudding.
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realistically though: these are birdfood.
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Crumble and cover with fruit and custard.
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I'd try eating them toasted a bit with butter--if you pair it with dinner, they could be more savory rolls than a sweet dessert.
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Best answer: Did you mix up baking soda and baking powder? Dear christ, I did this with biscuits once (the measurements were 8 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp baking soda, and of course I reversed it) and they tasted like pretzels. Pretzelly ass.

In my case, I made my boyfriend eat them. Give them to a dude who will eat anything.
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Throw them away.
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Feed them to the chickens, unless you have hogs, in which case, feed them to the hogs.
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Response by poster: Well, it ended up being kind of a moot point because my SO and BIL ended up eating them all. No mix-up of the baking powder and baking soda (good lord, I did that with pancakes one time *shudder*), but I'm still adjusting to the differences in the products here in Germany. And it was a new recipe. And I used a hodgepodge of metric and imperial measurements. Soooo... I'm sure this won't be the last time! And now I'll have some yummy solutions to try. Thanks!
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