Winamp lowers the volume after every song.
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Winamp lowers the volume after every song. So, I'm constantly turning it all the way back up. How do I get it to stop that? They may be trying to save my ears, but my headphones are dying and I have a slight hearing problem. I listen to a song, and the next one is suddenly just a whisper. So frustrating.
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Have you tried a plugin like this?

Also, are you tied to Winamp very strongly? I just switched to Foobar2000 recently, and it's fixed a lot of technical problems I had just come to take for granted in Winamp.
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Winamp doesn't do that to me
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Best answer: I know the problem FunkyHelix is talking about, and I found it happens to me once in a while. On closer observation, I found that it happens only after WMA files are played in WinAmp, not with MP3 files.
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Double-click the volume icon in the task-tray. It will bring up a bunch of volume sliders. My bet is that the WAVE volume is too low. Up it all the way. Then lower or raise (to your liking) the overall sound level with the MAIN volume. WinAmp should play all your media at the same volume now.
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What version of Winamp? I have been using v2 for quite some time (the most recent revs were just insulting in their use of resources) and it does everything I need quite nicely...
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Have a look at the Winamp Equalizer window and make sure the Auto button is off.
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