Vegas, Breakfast, Football... choose three.
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Do you know a good place in Las Vegas to watch NFL football while being served a cloth-napkin breakfast/brunch?

I'll be in Vegas this weekend, with three other people. We follow different teams, and enjoy going to a sports bar/book to watch multiple games at once. This week, there are a lot of 10:00 AM games that we're interested in. Now... where do we watch them?

Normally, somewhere like the ESPN Zone would be what we'd be looking for... they serve food, and don't mind if you linger to watch the games (as long as you continue to order drinks). However, we'd also like a solid eggs benedict/omelet/belgian waffle/sauvignon blanc -- not the Sysco-sourced things at ESPN or the typical sports bar.

Does such a place exist in Vegas?
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Give this place a call... It's the four seasons at the Mandalay Bay. If you sit close enough to the bar, you might have a good view of the game... I ate there for lunch 2 weeks ago.
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