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Men: I really need your cross-training workout clothing recommendations. I have started spending about 2-3 hours a day in the gym in my quixotic quest to eat chocolate again and the ride-up factor in my polyester shorts is becoming a major burden. Shirts, shorts, other equipment that will make long hours at the gym pleasant and comfortable are gratefully accepted. Please: no fitness tips!
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Under Armour is pretty hard to beat. Grab a pair of their compression shorts.

You might also try using some body glide.
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Get a good pair of weight-lifting gloves without the wrist-supports. It's best to build up wrist-strength yourself. I have owned a pair of the Valeo brand, but others may work fine for you.

Those "advanced fabric" t-shirts made by Under Armor and similar companies are worth the money. They really do evaporate perspiration better than a typical cotton t-shirt.

Your shoes are probably the most important factor in all of this, especially if you'll be using the treadmill or otherwise on your feet a lot. I'd go to a specialty running-shoes store where they can evaluate how you walk and match you with the best possible pair of shoes. That's a very personal and individual purchase where what I use might not necessarily work well for you.
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I am not a man, so my crotch-covering needs are different and my advice may be useless, but switching from baggy pants to tights/compression shorts made a world of difference for me, and I will never go back. Could that be an option?

I've found that you don't really have to be too picky about shirts - most shirts that are fairly lightweight and soft and fit you comfortably will do the trick. Heavyweight, 100% cotton Beefy-T shirts are unpleasant - synthetics generally wick better, so look for a blend.
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If you're doing any weight lifting while standing on your feet, you won't want to be wearing a shoe with a compressible sole, like most running shoes. Many lifters swear by Chuck Taylors or the like, although there are weight lifting specific shoes as well -- I've heard good things about the Rogue Do-Wins.

I'd say you should skip the gloves -- they don't provide any benefit that you can't get without them through the use of proper technique.
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My boyfriend and I really like the lululemon line. They are very comfortable. He has a couple of shirts that have silver in them and it reduces smelliness or something. They are expensive, though.
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Response by poster: So, Under Armour Compression shorts, are they like underwear to be worn underneath normal shorts?
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Yes, you wear Under Armour Compression shorts under normal shorts. (You could wear them without shorts, but it might be indecent.)
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Seconding Lululemon - they have some shorts with built in compression shorts (kinda like swim trunks I guess). Pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
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If you have a City Sports in your area, they sell their brand compression shorts for cheaper than Under Armour, and although I don't know if UA's somehow work better, City Sports's work great for me.
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Thirding Lululemon - they are expensive but the perform great and last for ever (just dont wash them with your towels). I have a few pairs of shorts that serve for gym, yoga, running and swimming.
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By the way, I can put in another vote for both Under Armour and Lululemon. If you're on a budget, look at the C9 line at Target - I've found some of their stuff to be pretty good.

Weightlifting gloves may or may not be worth it depending on what you're doing. I find them indispensable when doing things like deadlifts because they keep my hands from getting callused. If nothing you're doing is particularly ouchy on the hands, though, feel free to skip the gloves.
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