help me fix my microwave!
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where can I find a missing part for my microwave?

Short version of this story:
--leased out house for summer
--tenant cooked something in microwave that caused a fire (!). This is one of those large heavy microwaves that sits over the stove and is integrated with the stove.
--microwave still works so i dont want to throw it out. It needs a good cleaning though.
--however this plastic cover over the internal vent (ie, inside the microwave) melted and fell off (see pics below).

so the question is: is there any way I could find that plastic part for the microwave? where would I look? Is there somewhere where one can find spare parts for microwaves? DO I have any chance of finding it? Any info or experience you have that can help me would be much appreciated!

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
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mfg and model numbers of the microwave are helpful - otherwise its called "Go to your local appliance repair store." I'm guessing that the one I've used in Lowell, MA is a bit far away from you.

Realistically, you should apply a portion of any security deposit towards getting a proper repairman in to take a look at it. If it was hot enough to melt a vent cover, there could be plenty of additional damage inside that you can't see. If you didn't collect a security deposit, well then... small claims court.
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I've had very good luck with the Appliance 411 forums for asking specific questions like this; I got a new "brain" for my stove that was plugged in when there was a power surge via their suggestions.
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Google '[brandname] [model] parts' & you should be able to find a parts list.

FWIW - I've had good luck with
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Maybe you could find a matching microwave at a yard sale or thrift store for cheap, then use the parts you need from that one to put on your existing microwave. Not sure about what kind of repair you are looking at here though.
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thanks all
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will try appliance 411 and google first, I suppose.
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