When shallow is good.
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Need a shallow, regular-length sofa. Depth doesn't seem to be a very search-friendly dimension.

I've been looking for a normal-length, slim sofa for more than a year now. Sofa depth doesn't seem to be a feature people talk about unless they're referring to extra-deep cushions--exactly the opposite of what I want. This makes searching online particularly hard.

What I am looking for is something around 30" deep or shallower. The deepest I would want would be 32", and most sofas seem to range from 34-38".

I'm open to lots of styles and materials. I just want some choice.
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Look at European designers and manufacturers- the furniture is almost uniformly smaller and more likely to be slim. You could also have a sofa custom made. I won't link anything because I don't know where you want the sofa, but just google "custom sofa" and your city. They can be more expensive but aren't always.
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"narrow profile" +sofa yields few results.
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What about Home Reserve?
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Specifically, the majority of their products are 33.5" deep. It's not far off from your dimensions, although if this is specifically because you want to get the sofa through a narrow doorway, you can put the Home Reserve couches anywhere you want easily because you assemble them yourself. I own one and it took me about 2 hours to get completed with a drill and a hammer.
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couch guy does custom specs. and he ships.
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If you go that narrow, it might not be the most comfortable sofa. I regret going with a 34" deep sofa because it's not wide enough to lie flat on your back on the thing, and if you sit up straight the backs of your knees don't feel supported.

Not comfortable. I ordered off the internet- would recommend you actually go out searching for a sofa and not just order off the internet based on dimensions.
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I've found that IKEA sofas tend to be shallow.

Bonus Points!: They're affordable and come in just about any color/fabric/shape you can think of.
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Take a look at this: http://www1.thebrick.com/brickb2c/jsp/catalog/product.jsp?id=ALICIAB-S&navAction=jump&navCount=2

We were in The Brick in Toronto last weekend hunting for a sofa bed when we saw the smallest sofa ever. It's 75"wide, 29"deep and 34"high, positively petite compared to most. Even my loveseat is 73wx36dx36h. It's from a line the store carrys to fit the smaller condos. They call it their apartment furniture. Don't think it's made in Canada, so is prob available elsewhere.
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That Brick sofa is just about right.

I'd love some more suggestions.
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