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I recently started boogie boarding in LA

Two weeks ago I started boogie boarding in Los Angeles and even though it has taken me 23 years to get started, I want to make the best of it.

I have been going at low tide to Santa Monica Beach and for the most part it has been fantastic. Yesterday I was the only person out there in my area and I could ride the waves all the way in. It was funny to watch the two closest surfers that barely got a wave while I was continually getting great rides, though I know I will someday want to graduate up to a big board, but for now this is perfect.

I have heard different things about high tide and low tide and even heard that it is location specific. Like, that Santa Monica Beach is better at high tide, but Sunset and PCH is better at low tide. As I stated above I am pretty happy with what I have been doing, but if I am missing out on something fundamental here I thought I should know.

I sometimes go out with my seven year old boy. In these cases the low tide approach is a must, it is hard enough battling the currents on certain days and I want to make sure he can at least get a footing when he needs to. So, the question is, are there any amazing, hidden spots that I could take him to anywhere between LA and San Diego for an amazing, endless summer-like weekend? Bonus points if we can take the train and never bother with a car.

3. Any great boogie boarding websites I should know about?

4. Any hints on making the most out of my experience? I have been a lifelong body surfer and find the boogie board a wonderful adn easy extension of that type of surfing, but as you now know, I am a complete noob on the subject.

Thanks to all!
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I don't know if you're using fins or not, but they're essential when the surf is bigger and you're trying to catch stuff out where it's breaking. I like the Voit Duck Feet, personally.

I don't know if it would be worth coming down from LA for, but my favorite spot in San Diego is Avalanche in Ocean Beach.

The tide thing is location dependent to a certain extent, but it is true that you will see larger waves when the tide is coming in compared to when it's going out.
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