Where can I find someone to create some custom .gif's?
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You know those dancing banana smilies? Where can I find someone who will do some custom versions for me? Just in case you don't know which image it is I'm talking about, it's this one.

I'm amassing somewhat of a collection of dancing vegetable/fruit smilies. However, there are certain veg/fruit I can't find anywhere. I've tried creating them myself, but I don't have the patience or the technical skill.

Where can I find someone who will create some custom smilies for me, for free or probably very cheap? I'd want about 5-10 different designs.
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Have you tried posting this as a project on Elance? People will bid all the way down to dirt cheap to do your project. This is actually why I don't use Elance for getting clients much anymore.
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This is usually known as the 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time' Banana, or PBJT. Short history here. And I believe the original flash file here. Also, a few variations here, here, and here.
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