Where is a website where I can download an excel-readable file showing the monthly impressions of popular websites?
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I want to compare the monthly hits of popular websites, where could I download a spreadsheet or similar data for making a graph out of?

I am looking to make a graph showing the amount of impressions various sites have been getting. If I could download this information as a .csv or something similar, so I could then import it into illustrator to graph it, that would be very helpful.

Hopefully from a respectable source, please.

Any resources or tricks are welcome!
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It's a sample based on people with a toolbar installed I believe, but alexa.com tracks this sort of stuff.
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Unfortunately, I can't find any place on Alexa.com that would allow me to download the statistics in a usable format.
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Alexa is not a respectable source, and you won't find this kind of data readily available. Companies aren't required to disclose traffic data and although sites exist which purport to have this data (alexa), they just have a sample from people using their browser plugins and toolbars.
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compete.com. You might have to get the Pro version to run your reports. Hit their contactus to see if it will bend the way you want it to.
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