How to recover a deleted Blogger blog?
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A friend of mine recently deleted her Google account, but she didn't know this action would also delete her Blogger blog. How can she recover it?

She's been trying to contact someone from Google in the last days, but she had no answers.

I've been looking for cached copies in several search engines and archives (Google, Yahoo!, WayBack, etc.), willing to rebuild her blog by hand from cached content, but any online trace is gone.

Has anyone succesfully recovered a blog under similar circumstances?
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I'm pretty sure I remember a sternly worded warning when I deleted a Google Account that I was going to lose all my Google hosted content, and it was not reversible. I suspect your friend is out of luck.
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Best answer: According to what I see on Google Help, it is permanent.
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maybe try the wayback machine?
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It might help if you could mention the URL. Then there's at least some chance a random Mefite will find a cache.
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Best answer: Have you looked for the feed on Bloglines and Google Reader? I was able to save several deleted blog posts using Bloglines. They keep items from a feed (IF they were reading it) for a month or so. (I also recovered hundreds of them using google cache, but it looks like you tried that.)

Do you or your friend, or any of her friends, read her blog with RSS? The reader you're using might have a cached copy.
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