Need a very small (less than 9 inches height) stainless steel microwave oven.
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Need a very small (<=9 inches height) stainless steel microwave oven.

Just moved to a new apartment, where there's about 9 inches of spaces in between top of the fridge and a cabinet. Given that it's Manhattan, I need to use every inch of space I have, and a microwave would fit there perfectly.

However, I'm having trouble finding one, and can't really search online by height. Any ideas?

Oh and I would also prefer for it to be stainless steel, as the rest of the kitchen is.
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The iWavecube claims to be the smallest microwave in the world. And it measures 10.5"W x 10"D x 12"H.

I think you might find this a hard task, especially given your requirement for stainless steel.
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Ooops, sorry here's the link
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This one came in stainless steel and it was 9 5/8" high. But it's been discontinued. The website claims it was the smallest one they could find. Maybe you could find one used or in old stock?

Or try Googling for a "low profile microwave".
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Here is one that is 9 5/8 inches; the site says it is the smallest they could find but you might want to look at other boating or RV stores to see if you can find another. 11 inches or so seems to be the smallest for most countertop units. Also keep in mind that both the microwave and fridge need room for ventilation.
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Don't think it can be done... Thinnest stainless steel one I can find is this and that's 10 7/8" high.

I used to have a similar alcove in my kitchen. I put cookery books there.
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FWIW, you're not really especially supposed to put much stuff on top of a fridge anyway.
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Even if you could find one that small, it's not necessarily a good idea to put it in a space with such crappy ventilation. All microwaves exhaust a certain amount of heat and moisture when running. You could easily damage the microwave or the cabinets in your apartment.
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