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How often do you wash your VFFs?

Just started running in a Vibram Five Fingers Sprint. I love it. How often should I wash them? I understand that they shouldn't go in the dryer -- any other washing tips to get a long life out of my new fun shoes?

If it matters, I run on a treadmill, 5 days a week. I'm still getting used to the shoes, so only wearing them for a mile or so each day.
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Washing instructions. Hang them to dry. I never had a problem with these isntructions, up until the point that I left the shoes on the train :(
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Best answer: I wash the ones I wear all day at least after every 4ish wearings (I live in Texas and it's HOT, so they get sweaty.) The ones I wear to work out in I was every other week or so, ideally.
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I haven't washed my Five Fingers yet, but I've found that soaking shoes in white vinegar and letting them air-dry works like a charm for my other shoes with fabric uppers. Once they're completely dry, both the foot smell and the vinegar smell are completely gone.
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Whenever they get sweaty or muddy to the point that the fabric feels stiff and dirty. So somewhere between every week and every month, pretty much. I wear mine only for running, though -- if I wore them all day, every day, I'm sure they'd need to be washed more often.
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I don't wear them every day. I wash them about every 5 wearings. Dr. Bronners peppermint + a nail brush for usual cleanings, in the washer for extra special cleanings.

Keeping them somewhere they can air out between wearings is best.
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I wash mine between weekly and monthly depending on how much my feet are sweating and how much mud I get into.

My VFFs sometimes get stinky as they dry if I wash them in the sink with soap. If they do start to stink I stop up a sink and dump boiling water on them to kill the stuff living in them.
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Best answer: I wear mine daily, without socks, and wash them in the washing machine weekly.

I just toss them in with my clothes when I do my wash on the weekends. Then put them in the window to air dry.
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