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My buddy and I (25,23) are hitting Kissimmee up today and staying through sunday afternoon. We know we can go to Disney world or Orlando or even a long drive to the beach but does anyone have any really cool fun suggestions for activities for us to get into?

We are both crazy busy young professionals and are looking to cut loose and have a good time... we both want to try something new and hey, if we meet a few beautiful girls while doing it, even better!

Any suggestions? We will have a rental car, are open to spending a little cash and pretty adventurous! (on that note I am already considering sky diving)

Inspire us hive mind!
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Best answer: you could pop over to The Kennedy Space Center and see the shuttle land. scheduled for Thursday at 7:00PM
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Came in here to suggest the Space Center. See the Astronaut Hall of Fame while you're at it. Then go south to Cocoa Beach - there are lots of people your age there.
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We have a lot of water here. Here are a few ideas on that theme

While you're near the Space Center, hang out for a lazy afternoon at Playalinda Beach inside the Canaveral National Seashore. It's pristine and rustic. Bring water to drink and wash your feet. (Beware the last walkway -- it's unofficially nude.)

Try riding an air-boat.

Charter a boat for fishing out in the sea.

See if you can find a night snorkeling tour.
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Best answer: Friday night at Universal Citywalk there is a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at 11:45. I've been multiple times, it's really fun. And I am of the opinion that Citywalk is actually cooler than the Universal parks. The people-watching aspect is awesome! There is also a pretty decent cigar shop and some really neat restaurants.
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