You guys are so good at doing this with movies and childrens' books...
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My friend (no, really!) is hoping to somehow find the green-headbanded porn film that imprinted on his 14-year-old brain in the mid-90s. [NSFW, natch]

"Looked very eighties, I seem to remember the woman looked kind of like Linda Hamilton (circa Terminator 1). She was wearing a drab green or olive green headband across her forehead, eighties style. It was just her and some guy. They did anal, along with everything else. The year it was watched, on VHS tape, was 1993. Possibly a darkish room with just a bed and no furnishings. Caucasian woman with light brown or possibly blond hair. Pubes were not alarmingly overgrown by 14 yo boy standards."

Are we fishing for a needle in a haystack?
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what was the guy wearing? were they speaking english? was it overdubbed or was the sound live? was the whole VHS just these 2? how long was the scene? hardwoord or carpet on the floor? did her hair match her pubes? was there any particular line of dialogue that stood out? cheesy porn music? does he remember what the label of the VHS looked like?
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For what it's worth (not much, probably) when you say "eighties hair" and "headband" and "porn", the first person I think of is Ginger Lynn.

I'm sure she did many Olivia Newton John porno-parodies.
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You just described about 893,172 pornos. :)

I'm seconding the Ginger Lynn response.
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Have you considered sending him to a vintage porn shop? AVN had annual issues showing most of the performers for each company. They've been around since 1983. Surely somebody has scans. A lot of the stills in the magazine would have to be from productions.
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The description, especially the headband, reminds me of some "seventeen" hard core porn from the late 80s.
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Linda Lovelace maybe. God damned if Im not getting faint recollections of green headband.
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Response by poster: "Oh wait, I thought of one thing... It's from the period of porn when it was expected that you would have a really long, really close-up insertion shot. Not sure if that's useful."

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