How to eat fried eggs.
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What are some good alternative ways to eat a fried egg?

I have finally mastered the art of the over-easy fried egg. It's (unspeakably) delicious with toast, but I'm worried about getting bored. Aside from on toast, on a roll with cheese (and pork roll here in NJ), on an english muffin, and with bacon, what are some great ways to serve this deceptively simple treat?
Also, read a blog post a couple days about serving it over salad. Can anyone confirm or deny the awesomeness thereof?
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Mmm, I love a fried or poached egg served on top of some grilled asparagus.
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On an english muffin with cheese, bacon, and avocado slices.

Also - on a hamburger with cheese, bacon, and avocado slices.

Also - on toast with cheese, bacon, and avocado slices.

I may try it with peanut butter, avocado, and bacon this weekend.
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Best answer: Fried egg on arugula salad with a simple bacon vinaigrette is one of the great things ever.

Also, a salmon burger topped with a fried egg on an onion bialy.
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Best answer: Yes, salad, as long as the salad greens are a little heartier than your average baby mix. Serve with a warmed vinaigrette (some people make a warm bacon vinaigrette).

Also: over greens (like kale) sauteed with garlic and nutmeg
On top of a pizza with black olives
With beans
Over steamed asparagus
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Try drizzling with a little soy sauce for an umami punch

bonus: add chopped chives
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Oh yeah, over salad is AWESOME (with crumbled bacon is even better). Over leftovers with rice or noodles (stirfried vegetables, curries, etc.) is also awesome. Over perfectly ripe sliced tomatoes is good. Over cooked greens with garlic (kale, spinach) - YUM.

I really like fried eggs Pinoy/Filipino-style (just google 'silog'): over garlic fried rice with a side of cured meat (corned beef, hot dogs, sausage, spam...whatever)
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On top of mashed potatoes. You have not lived until you've tried this. Poached eggs works really well too.
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Rolled up in a warm tortilla with some shredded cheddar cheese and your favorite salsa.
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I eat fried eggs over rice with steamed greens constantly in the winter. Yum. Some people put fried eggs on a hamburger. The classic fried egg sandwich is always awesome. Fried egg on a salad is pretty great; think of the runny yolk as dressing.
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Try it on top of pancakes, with a little ketchup. Or sandwiched between a couple pancakes.
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Best answer: Dice up one slice of bacon and one small slice of onion. Saute over medium to high heat until the bacon is crisp and the onion is brown (I like it slightly burned). Remove and reserve. Brown a slice of white bread in the bacon fat; when nearly done, start a fried egg alongside it. When the egg is ready (sunny side up or over easy, I prefer the former), put the bacon and onion on top of the toast and flip the egg on top of it all. Pop the yolk and let it soak into the bread. Salt and pepper to taste.

Optional: mushrooms.
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My recent faves:
- Serve on top of couscous/quinoa mixed with pesto, and, if desired, white beans.
- Eat with a side of sauteed or grilled zucchini. It's a nice carby variant.
- huevos rancheros
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Any soft-cooked egg (poached, over-easy, softcooked) is good over:

- baked, mashed, fried or home fried potatoes
- pasta and butter
- steamed or fried rice and a little soy sauce
- green peas, asparagus, broccoli or almost any other green vegetable
- pierogi
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(Argh! Second "softcooked" above means "soft-boiled" a.k.a. a 3 minute egg).
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Best answer: Croque-madame! Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a big ol' fried egg on top. It is heavenly.
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A dash of green jalapeno sauce.
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Donburi with fried egg is wonderful.
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Over a cold lentil salad (with a nice vinaigrette), or warm beans. Over leftover posole.

Basically over any leftover grain or legume.
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on top of a lightly-fried potato scone.
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Ack! I forgot polenta!
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A couple of slices of thick cut ham (hand cut type thickness) with thick chips (not thin fries) with a couple of fried eggs on top of the chips. Puncture the egg yolk and let it dribble over the chips as you eat.

Oh god I'm hungry again...
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Pad thai is usually made with some friend egg. If you're really adventurous, you could make a variation of Tamago - prepare some sushi rice, form into a ball, attach friend egg by wrapping with nori. Delicious.

I don't eat eggs anymore, and this thread is torturing me.
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Serve over home fries seasoned with garlic and rosemary. Yum!
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Huevos Rancheros and add black beans!
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it seems counterintuitive, but it works great on minestrone di verdure
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On top of a slice of french toast, drizzled with maple syrup and a dash of salt and pepper. (This is extremely awesome.)
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Egg in toast (or even better: "Moonstruck" eggs). Also tasty: scrambled eggs with sliced, smoked salmon on a toast, with sliced tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce on the side.
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Best answer: You may enjoy the blog PUT AN EGG ON IT: IN WHICH I PUT A FRIED EGG ON MY FOOD.
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Best answer: 1. Look at some portuguese cuisine. FoodGeneralizationFilter: AFAIK It isn't portuguese unless there's a fried egg on it. *disclaimer* A buddy of mine that is 1st generation American made that generalization to me. I laughed, but having eaten with him and his family multiple times, its mostly true.

2. Spice it up for a twist. I ate at Soundbites (Somerville's surly but Zagat-awesome breakfast place) a few years ago and was disappointed that all the fuss was about putting cumin and other spices in their eggs. I immediately went home and copied them at every opportunity possible.

3. Fried eggs belong in rice. Fried rice. Billions of chinese can't be wrong about that one. Start exploring some asian flavorings. Think chili oils, watercress, rice, radishes, cabbage, etc...
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I like my fried eggs (very hard) over Greek Spaghetti, basically noodles with a garlic sauce.
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In addition to the lovely suggestions above, I like soft boiled, or fried, eggs on crisp toast with the "ancient Roman pine nut sauce for eggs"--I am of the school of thought that adds a little anchovy paste to the pine nut sauce.
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On top of mashed potatoes. You have not lived until you've tried this. Poached eggs works really well too.

This. Add grey shrimp to this if you're anywhere near the North Sea (France, Belgium, Holland). Or caviar.
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Fried egg on top of kimchi bokumbap is fetching, hearty and dead easy, but on top of bibimbap it is particularly magnificent. Worth the little bit of effort preparing the banchan.
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Chilaquiles con huevo
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Throwing in some Mexican Fare: I can't hardly eat my enchiladas without an egg or two over the top. Cut up the egg, and a bite of egg/enchilada combo can't be beat!!
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Fried egg sammich.
Fry egg. as soon as you flip it, cover w/ slice of cheese.
Toast bread. apply good mustard. apply fried egg covered in melty cheese. mmmmm.
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Best answer: "When I saw the recipe for Brik, a wonton-like Tunisian turnover, in the May issue of Gourmet, I knew I had met the fried food of my dreams. It seemed to defy logic: a raw egg cracked into a little nest of tuna and parsley, wrapped in egg roll dough and fried to a golden crisp, yet keeping the yolk soft and silky within to create a rich, yellow dipping sauce that would ooze out when the brik was cracked with a fork."
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Best answer: 1. Combine with spaghetti. In Italy they call this "poor man's pasta". Surprisingly good.
2. Top a tortilla with refried beans and a little hot sauce.
3. Put in a sandwich with alfalfa and bacon.
4. Ketchup and or Hot Sauce.
5. Combine with roasted potatoes.
6. Any burger.
7. The Thomas Keller: A BLT with a fried egg and cheese.
8. On pizza is an Australian standard.
9. Egg in a hole: Fry an egg in a hole in a piece of egg-drenched toast. Top w/ syrup.
10. Egg drop soup: Fry it by dropping the egg into hot broth and stirring.
11. Fried mushrooms and balsamic.

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Over ratatouille, or chickpea stew, or pretty much any vegetable concoction on earth.
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Best answer: I had some leftover empanadas with an over-easy egg for breakfast this very morning.
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Fried egg sandwich on toasted bread with lot's of ketchup. Break the yolk so it's not runny.

Fried egg sandwich on toasted bread with yellow mustard and sliced dill pickle. Break the yolk so it's not runny.
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I'll second the chilaquiles con huevo mentioned above. It's also a great way to use up leftover chips and salsa.

Slightly different but fancier than fried eggs: backed eggs, or oeufs en cocotte:

Preheat oven to about 375.

Lightly butter inside of an individual sized ramekin or gratin dish. (I like oval gratin dishes for making 2 eggs at once here - the size of dish that would hold a single serving of potatoes as a side dish.)

Now put some sort of filling in the bottom of the dish. This can be all kinds of things: Cheese, sauce, vegetables... Piperade (mixed roasted peppers, onions, and tomatoes), leftover ratatouille, etc. (Depending on the filling you use, if you can spoon it mostly around the edges of the dish, leaving a sort of open area in the center to hold the eggs - this can help keep the outsides of the egg from cooking too fast.) Break one or two eggs into the center of the dish, sprinkle with salt & pepper lightly. Top with a bit of grated cheese if you like. Or pour a little cream over, or dot with bits of butter.

Bake in oven. In my oven they take about 18 minutes, but start checking around 15 maybe. You want the whites to go all opaque but the yolks to still be soft, so they'll still be jiggling in the center of the dish. Serve with toast to soak up the yolk and extra sauce.

This is also cool for serving at brunch cuz you can make all the individual servings at the same time.
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If you had tacos and now want eggs
Guess you could make some
Taco Eggs.

First you take leftovers and fry them up
They'll be the bed for your
Taco Eggs.

Arrange the refried fixins in a pile
Then use the same pan to
fry some eggs.

Lay a fried egg across the pile
And get ready to eat your
Taco Eggs.

Douse with salsa and cream to taste
Then chow down on your
Taco Eggs.

They are great
On your plate

With some beans
They are keen

Some spicy meat
Can't be beat

With some rice
They are nice

A tortilla
Wouldn't killya

But anything really goes with
Taco Eggs.

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Best answer: Someone said polenta, but even plain ol' grits is good with a couple of runny eggs on top, or mixed in.

Also try hollandaise sauce or just (quality) honey mustard on top of your eggs.
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Best answer: Thinly slice, fried Spam & eggs on rice, with just a splash of soy sauce, is one of the world's most underrated culinary treasures.
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On top of white rice, a hamburger patty, and brown gravy: the Hawaiian favorite, Loco Moco.
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The Thomas Keller sandwich. And yes, it's important to follow all the directions and use the right ingredients. Heaven.
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Like many others, I'm going to suggest rice. Inspired by Mark Bittman's Savory Breakfast, I like egg mixed with rice, lots of soy sauce, some hot sauce, some cheese (if available), garlic, and onion. Also, black pepper on top.

Reading this thread, I'm interested in trying an egg (runny yolk) over a crispy piece of toast smeared with garlicky hummus.

You should also investigate vigorously the mustard options of the world, which elevates a nice buttered-toast egg open face sandwich to a whole new level of crazy delicious. I am very interested to see your "best answers" from these choices.
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nthing polenta. cook your polenta 'soft' (ie dont let as much water evaporate, so its more of a soupy texture)

grate some parmesano into the bottom of a bowl, add some hot polenta. place 2 poached eggs on top. garnish with sliced fresh tomatoes & basil, s&p, hot sauce.

mash it all up and enjoy!!
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Best answer: In an effort of Rigorous Science, I put a fried egg in a grilled cheese sandwich tonight.

It was delicious.
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nthing on top of a hamburger. I hadn't had that until I had fast food in Tokyo, and it's really delicious.
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Man, the best deadly sandwich ever is the poor (American) man's croque madame. Fry egg. Fry bacon. Make grilled cheese sandwich (use butter or left over bacon fat, your choice!) with egg and bacon in. Use swiss cheese for the most awesome taste. All of that delicious fat and cholesterol, it is amazingly delicious doom. Make open face for more "authenticity". Add tomato for variety and "vegetable content".
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I like my fried egg sandwiches with a non-runny yoke, a slice or two of deli turkey and a piece of white cheese of some kind. Toast bread, concurrently frying an egg and breaking the yolk, melt some cheese on one piece of toast and add turkey (and mayo if you're so inclined) to the other, slide the egg on to one piece the second it's done, top with other piece of toast and eat asap. Heaven is apparently full of cholesterol.
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Mixed up with grits. Mmmmm....
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It's pretty popular in Sweden to have a fried egg on a burger, usually with some sort of aioli. I usually saw it on menus listed as *Lyx-hamburgare.*

I also have to n+thing to the polenta. I don't eat this often, but it's really good: polenta fried alongside the egg in butter and some bacon or porkish thing, parmesan reggiano, sea salt, and sun-dried tomato.
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Do you all have Red Robins hamburger restrauants in your areas???? There basic burger is served with a fried egg on it. They also have bottomless fries......That is when I first had a egg on a burger....delicious!!
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Wheat toast with hummus. Fry an egg in butter with some garam masala and put it on top. Lumberjack breakfast for hippie-ass lumberjacks.
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Best answer: I think that Buffalo Wild Wings's Medium Sauce was actually made for eggs and was misappropriated for their wings...

My own fried egg sandwich: toasted wheat bread spread liberally with the aforementioned sauce, pepper jack cheese melted on the egg before it leaves the pan, lettuce for crunch. The egg tends to slip on the lettuce, so it's a little tricky to eat, but the challenge makes it all the tastier.

For a variation on fried egg + toast: cut a hole out of your bread and put it in the frying pan, and crack the egg in the hole, fry it up like that. And now I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow!
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god, I love how many exclamation marks there are in this thread. people LOVE their fried eggs.

personally, I love that Thomas Keller sandwich linked above—fucking incredible.
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Fried Egg and Chorizo-Rice pilaf.

Best way to eat chorizo, in my opinion. The rice absorbs the spices and flavors from the sausage. Delicious.

1. Saute chopped onion in butter. (optionally also add garlic)
2. Add rice and stir.
3. Add water or stock. (optionally also add a bay leaf)
4. Add raw chorizo (whole or chopped)
5. Bring to a simmer.
6. Cover and simmer on the stove top or in a medium-hot oven for 20-30 minutes.
7. When rice is done, fry an egg (or two).
8. Scoop rice and some chorizo onto plate, add egg(s), chop up and mix, letting the rice absorb the yolk.
9. Eat with a spoon and a fork. (not optional :)
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I came in here to suggest rice, expecting it to be a unique suggestion. I'm frankly blown away by how many other people eat it on rice. My variation, which is very tasty:

Get some dried Asian hot peppers. Not exactly sure what they're called, only that they're thin and dark red. Add them "to taste" to a small bottle of distilled white vinegar (by "to taste" I simply mean, add to desired heat. If you like things hot, add a lot. If you like it milder, only 2-3 peppers). After a while (think a week or so, maybe?) the vinegar will turn pink and lose some of its harsh edge and actually become sweet (and, of course, hot).

Fry up some eggs and place them on a mound of sushi rice. Drizzle liberally with the hot pepper sauce. Make sure to slice into them so that the yolk mixes with the vinegar and rice. Eat it up.

I cannot take credit for this recipe (hell, I can barely take credit for any of the recipes I've posted here). This one was invented by my awesome twin brother, although he doesn't really eat eggs anymore.
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I like a fried egg over plain oatmeal. I prefer a soft boiled egg, but usually go with over easy fried egg because it's faster/easier.
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Best answer: What snoelle said above. A red enchilada with a fried egg on top is pure unadulterated comfort food.
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Best answer: On a steak! Bistec a Caballo
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On top of some Progresso Chicken Gumbo soup and a bit of Sriracha sauce.:)
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