Antique hinge
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What type of hinge is this? It came from a cedar folding card table. The three hinges wore out over time and snapped like this one. I'd like to replace them.
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Looks like a Soss hinge, as seen here and here (which is the same as what odinsdream found elsewhere).
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Best answer: That's called a SOSS hinge. A particularly old one that might be a pain in the ass to replace.

You could try some some cabinets shops or specialty hardware suppliers that might have the older style SOSS hinges but you'll probably have to replace it with an updated version. You might get lucky and find an exact match for it. GL
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Lee Valley has zamak versions of the SOSS hinge that'll be a lot more durable than your original stamped steel versions. If you can't find an exact match a slightly larger hinge is pretty easy to make fit by enlarging the mortise.
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